Hanna Ormanczyk

My name is Hanna Ormanczyk, I am an Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Osteopath and Registered Nutritional Therapist. What that means is I specialize in Integrative Medicine, epigenetic approach, and advocating for its usage in correction, improvement, and normalization in contemporary medical practice.

I am one of the very few practitioners offering these particular forms of treatment and clinical trials to investigate root causes of dietary issues ranging anywhere from weight management, nutritional tracking, and other health issues like sleep apnea, diabetes, and leaky gut. I specialize in combating today’s issues in dietary consumption such as obesity and malnutrition with an overall success rate of 86% and climbing. I offer all of my services in person and online for anyone who needs my help. I excel at being able to connect and empathize with all my clients, employing an empathetic approach and recognizing the underlying personal motivations and drives of my patients to use to achieve their goals of self-betterment and personal growth”


Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic

Sometimes the best way to win is to lose!

Our clinic is conveniently located in Mississauga. We believe that a weight-loss program can be a life-changing experience and the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle. The programs we offer go far beyond calorie counting, are health and vitality oriented, and offer definitive health improvement.

The problem of obesity is a growing medical problem, especially in highly developed countries. Obesity has become a pressing issue of the 21st century medicine – one that leads and relates to other conditions. These include asthma, osteoarthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, sleep apnoea and others. Unhealthy excess weight also increases the risk of heart or blood diseases and can shorten life expectancy. The medical issue can be tackled with different methods but the most successful is the individually created meal plan fulfilling all needs of our body and restoring the body healthy metabolism.

Treatments Available

  • Metabolic Balance Weight Loss Program
  • Hair analysis for toxicity and minerals deficiency
  • Custom Weight Loss
  • Nutritionist
  • Nutrition in Cancer Care
  • Acid Re-flux or GERD
  • Advanced Genomic Fit Plans
  • Complete DNA Testing