Word can’t explain the agony we are experiencing these days because of the spread of coronavirus disease
(COVID 19). People from all over the world are moaning over this horrible virus. It has already affected
multiple countries, and no one is able to find the cure. There is no vaccination available till now. We all
should be strong enough to fight with this dreadful challenge through nutrition and improved lifestyle.

What is Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19)?

The disease started to spread in 2019, from which it is rapidly increasing in several countries. It is a
zoonotic disease having a large virus family. Multiple coronaviruses are circulating in various animals but
are not affecting humans. Whereas, some got ways to travel to the bodies of humans.

They spread from humans to humans and causes a variety of different issues and health problems. Mostly
they are responsible for cold, flu and severe diseases. The symptoms they show are not easy to recognize
but include, fever, cough, respiratory problems, flu, shortness of breath, etc. We haven’t found any cure
or vaccination yet but are trying to do so.

Importance of Immune System Against Coronavirus

Immune system is made up of several special organs, fighting against various diseases, bacteria, viruses,
microorganisms, etc. It has the ability to cut off harmful substances inside the body. The failure of such
responses can result into growing disorders and allergy development.

It is not mature at birth but develops in the first few years. Immune system involves white blood cells,
spleen, lymphatic system, antibodies, bone marrow, thymus, etc.

The only cure of coronavirus is our immune system. It is a strong and beneficial point for us to have an
improved and effective immune system, as it helps us to protect the body from viruses and other diseases.

Ways to Improve Immune System

When your immune system is strong, you can cope up with harmful health problems. There are various
things to implement for having a better immune system. Moreover, many nutrients are to help you
achieve your goals. Supporting immunity with right nutrition and taking required macronutrients is a great
and effective idea.

We are going to discuss factors that help getting a better defense system.

Healthy Diet

The key point is the healthy diet to protect your immunity. The proper, balanced and right diet plan is
what saves you from many health problems. Maintaining a good health is easier if you follow the
appropriate lifestyle.

Quitting sugar makes it difficult for the bad bacteria to kill good bacteria by living on your gut. We should
follow a plan that incorporates plenty of fruits, veggies and macronutrients. Eating small portions in
frequent times is also beneficial for your health and immune system. Give your body enough and balanced
calories, fats and carbs.

Vitamins, fiber, carbs, proteins, fats, etc are a must to take in right proportions. Moreover, focusing on
the nutritive fruits and veggies is the secret behind a health person. Below is the list of extremely beneficial
and healthful things to take for improved immunity.

• Citrus fruits, providing multiple vitamins including A,C,D,E, which helps your digestive and
respiratory system.
• Bell peppers, great source of vitamin C
• Probiotics, boosting good bacteria in the immune system, being living microorganisms
• Broccoli, full of mineral, antioxidants, vitamins, etc.
• Garlic, good for fighting infections and regular diseases.
• Spinach, rich in vitamin C , beta carotene and antioxidants
• Ginger, reduces inflammation, infections and health issues
• Yogurt, rich in Vitamin D, help fighting illnesses
• Almonds, filled with vitamin C and E, and healthy fats
• Turmeric, have anti-inflammatory features
• Green tea, pack of powerful antioxidants
• Fishes, rich in proteins
• Zinc, critical mineral for immunity development and strengthening
• Poultry, high in vitamin B6, giving outstanding boosting to immune system

Better Sleep

To recharge your body and get refreshed, getting good sleep is necessary. Without sufficient hours of
sleep, you won’t be able to perform the routine chores and your diet will also be disturbed. Hence, your
immunity will lower down, increasing diseases. While sleeping, we produce and release cytokines helping
the body to respond against unfavorable conditions. Naps are also good to take throughput the daytime.

Personal Hygiene

As we all know about corona and its complications, personal hygiene is the topmost factor to prioritize.
Hygiene is the routine responsibility of every human and not only in such crisis causing situations, but for
every day we should work on hygiene and cleaning.

We should wash our hands frequently to prevent ourselves from COVID 19.At least wash them for 30 seconds, before and after every activity, especially when it’s mealtime.

Take regular showers and cover your face while sneezing or coughing. This will help you gain the actual
hygiene levels for corona virus prevention. Moreover, proper hygiene is the secret to strengthen immune


Intake of different helpful supplements make your immune system and health strong. Minerals and
vitamins are must to take especially when we talk about the current conditions. Our diets doesn’t have
balanced levels nowadays. Therefore, it’s a good step to have these supplements.

Avoiding Drugs and Smoking

As a part of coronavirus crisis, we should completely avoid smoking and alcohol. Smoking increases the
risk of multiple diseases and give a rise to various infections. Therefore, this is a great chance to quit these
bad habits. This is the right way to make your immune system stronger and better.

Making your immune system better decreases the chances of getting into contact with the virus and
bacteria. All the nutrients and micronutrients prevent you against deadly diseases, improving your
immune system and health. Healthy lifestyle and strong immune system help you protect from
coronavirus and other problems.

COVID 19 is uncurable disease till now but we can fight against this deadly disease by achieving a powerful
immune system. So, stay strong and confident to play your role as a responsible human being and follow
the instructions to avoid being in contact with the virus.