Importance of the immune system

You certainly don’t question when you must pay your fee to your local security guard or the taxes that
you know will serve the defense of your nation, who make sure you sleep peacefully at night. Likewise,
you shouldn’t question the existence of your immune system once you know what it’s for. You can’t be
grateful enough for your immune system, which fights day in and day out against the harmful viruses that
can be root in numerous health problems.

You are constantly being exposed to viruses and bacteria. Regardless of all the sanitizers you use or junk
food you avoid, had it not been for your immunity, your efforts would simply go in vain. The harmful
bacteria that find a way into your bloodstream and organs can only be warded off through the help of
your immune system. Therefore, it has become tremendously important for you to take good care of your
body and stay aware of your nutritious health.

At times like these, when a life-threatening pandemic is on the rise, and currently, no vaccination has been
invented as of today. There are no specific medications to help cure the pandemic Covid-19. However,
with strong immunity, you can fight off the disease without even showing the most recognizable

Your nutrition health is extremely important for fighting different harmful viruses. However, when you
are in lockdown, and you can’t stock the vegetables and fruits that will suffice for your nutritional needs,
you must rely on supplements. Supplements have proven to be of great benefit to your health in boosting
your immune health, especially when you lack important nutrients.

Here are the top supplements you must consider to strengthen your immune health.

1. Vitamin C Supplements

You might have often heard that people with flu are often advised to take lots of vitamin C. It is an essential
micronutrient, your body needs to strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C is commonly found in fruits
and vegetables, such as strawberries, oranges, berries, kiwifruits, tomatoes, broccoli, the list is endless.
The reason why many nutritionists find vitamin C an extremely important nutrient is because of its ability
to heal and repair wounds. It stimulates the growth of cells and damaged tissues, ensuring a healthily
operating body. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means that it fights free radicals in your body,
preventing you from falling sick and promoting healthy development.

2. Zinc Supplements

Meaty foods are especially rich in zinc. For places where meat is not consumed, often people fall victim
to zinc deficiency easily. Zinc supplements are easily available in the market and do not necessarily require
a medical prescription. Zinc speed up the healing process of wounds and especially recommended treating
cold and upper respiratory diseases. Covid-19’s symptoms are more or less like the flu’s, and because of
that, zinc has especially been found useful to treat it.

3. Vitamin D supplements

Covid-19 is an auto-immune disease, and deficiency of vitamin D is associated with the deteriorating of
auto-immune diseases. To fight off external viruses, it is essential that your body is not deficient of vitamin
D. It does wonders to your body when you catch a cold or flu, as the energy that still gets you going
through the sickness is attributed to vitamin D. With the perfect intake of vitamin D your body remains
active and energetic. Low levels of vitamin D can make you feel extremely lethargic and tired, which can
affect your immune system badly.

4. Vitamin B6 Supplements

Although vitamin b6 is found in green vegetables, it is found in rich quantities in white meat. For those
who are devoted vegetarians, they may become deficient in vitamin B6. The deficiency of vitamin b6 is
associated with the weakening of the immune system as it stimulates the growth of antibodies that is
essential for fighting infections. The white blood cells are inevitable for the strength of your immunity. A
decreased amount of white blood cells can root to numerous health problems that can be resolved by the
intake of vitamin B6 as it increases the production of white blood cells.

5. Vitamin E Supplements

If you find yourself short on dietary foods such as nuts, seed, or spinach, you might as well be running low
on vitamin E. Vitamin E is an effective supplement to suffice the deficiency of antioxidants. Vitamin E
supplementation is required to reduce the risk of infection, especially in the elderly, who are more
vulnerable to catching infectious diseases. The deadly Covid-19 is particularly endangering the elderly of
our communities. To survive the rising pandemic, a strong immune system has become a precondition,
and by the intake of vitamin E supplements, we stand a chance against such viruses.

6. Probiotics

Probiotic supplements are widely popular for their efficient role in the maintenance of your gut health.
They are found in fermented foods and drinks and are also translated as good bacteria. They pose no harm
to your body; in fact, a diet rich in probiotics is a great choice to lead a healthy life. They help maintain a
balance in your body of good to bad bacteria.

With increased intake of probiotics, the bad bacteria in your body are suppressed. The quality of probiotics
to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in your body provides us with clear evidence that they help boost
our immunity. Research shows that probiotics are also responsible for the production of certain natural
antibodies that help ward off viruses and diseases.


A healthy diet that is balanced in all macro and micronutrients with enough exercise is the best way to
boost your immunity and improve your nutrition health. However, with the global crises of the renowned
pandemic, Covid-19, it has become difficult to balance a healthy lifestyle. Stock buying healthy food items
is not as efficient as they may bad in a couple of days, and others may run short on them. Nutrient
supplements are a great option at this point to remain healthy and improve your immunity to lead a hale
and hearty life.

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