The new weight management program, “Advance Genomic Fit Plan” is a
personalized weight management program with an increased success rate.

Oakville, ON., December 20, 2019 – Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic Inc. DNA testing clinic
is proud to announce its newest weight management program called ‘Advance Genomic Fit Plan.’ The Advance Genomic Fit Plan is the most accurate weight management program that offers tailored nutrition and fitness programs tomatch individual needs based on their biochemical or genetic profile.

The DNA gives every person its unique identity. The DNA is not only
responsible for our physical traits, such as the color of hair, eyes, and height,
it also determines how the body responds to foods, exercise, medication,
stress, behaviors, and the environment. Most people fail in their weight fitness
goals because they try to adopt a general approach. Not all the nutrition or
fitness programs will work for everyone because each one of us has a unique
genome. Recent breakthroughs in DNA testing are now leading to actionable
and life-changing information and insights that are removing barriers to the
discovery of inner strength and greater capacity for healthy weight

With the understanding that success in achieving any desired weight and genetic-testing-helix
fitness level is directly linked to factors associated with specific DNA, people
can decisively redirect their energy to change the results they achieve. In
Biomedicine Clinic, they recognize that everyone’s definition of “optimal
health” belongs only to them and that achieving it will not come through a
simple one-size-fits-all plan. Biomedicine Clinic can help both elite athletes
who desire to maintain their current weight and fitness level and those just
looking to drop unwanted pounds and improve exercise and/or activity levels
with their new and accurate Advance Genomic Fit Plan.

Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic’s Advance Genomic Fit Plan involves
carrying out a comprehensive health and wellness genetic test to unlock far
more critical information regarding nutrigenetics, medication response, and a
number of common health conditions. Using a proprietary procedure, this test
also provides a genetically matched diet and custom exercises in order to
make specific recommendations to help people achieve or maintain a healthy

Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic Inc. offers personalized consultation to
ensure clarification as needed, and to refine a nutrition and fitness plan based
on the new weight management program. Sign in NOW and start in January.
Healthier you is just a phone call away!