7-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan

7-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan


A complete and affordable week long meal plan that includes your grocery list, serving sizes and prep time, meal preparation directions and more!

This is a complete step by step meal plan that can train your body to eat healthy and make it crave more of life’s healthy foods and less of life’s food junk.


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How To Read Your Meal Plan


This meal plan includes a full grocery list, which outlines the ingredients you will need to follow this meal plan.
Take some time to go through the shopping list and check off any items you already have before heading out
to the grocery store. You should be able to find all ingredients on the list at your local grocery store, so
ideally, there are no additional trips to the health food store required.


Every recipe within this meal plan gives you the total number of servings and total cooking time. This way,
you know how many servings the recipe creates, and how long it will take you to make it.


You will be preparing one serving of each meal unless a recipe calls for two or more servings. In this case,
prepare the meal according to the meal plan, divide it into two even portions, eat one, and keep the other
portion in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer.


There are some meals on the plan that are shaded out. This indicates a leftover meal, which means you will
have already cooked that meal the previous day. If a meal calls for two or more servings, it means you will be
meal prepping for the next day. Leftover meals are a great way to save you valuable time in the kitchen!


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