The Real Detox Program

The Real Detox Program


These next 30 days you’ll spend quality time in the kitchen cooking meals, preparing quick nutritious snacks and blending green smoothies. Each week the detox builds upon the previous week, giving you more and more delicious recipes, invaluable food knowledge, and tips to continuing a ‘whole foods’ lifestyle once you have completed the detox program.

This complete program is designed to take you step by step through a healthy body detox. We guarantee you are going to feel better.



Week 1:

Reduce & Prepare

These first seven days are designed to give your body a break from caffeine, sugar and processed foods, while still loading up on satisfying, nutrient rich meals. This is a great transition towards jump starting your real detox.

Weeks 2-3:

Clear Out Toxins

It’s now time to turn up the heat and take things to the next level. In this period you’ll eat huge amounts of fibre-rich vegetables and snack on fresh fruit and seeds while drinking plenty of water, green smoothies, and herbal teas to flush out the toxins

Week 4: Full Power

During the fourth week it’s time to truly witness the power of plant-based nutrition. In the last few weeks you have already experienced how great you can feel and look by simply having more fruit and vegetables in your diet. Because plants are awesome!


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