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Losing weight takes discipline and dedication. However, losing weight too quickly can be harmful to your health, as can depriving yourself of essential nutrients in an attempt to rapidly cut calories. If you’re looking for a safe weight loss program that’s designed just for you, come to Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic.

Lose Weight, Stay Healthy

At Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic, we’re committed to helping you reach your weight loss goals safely and effectively. We’ll take the time to discuss your concerns and review the challenges you’ve previously faced losing weight so that we can better help you shed those unwanted pounds. Every member of our team is dedicated to your success and when you come to us, you’ll have a solid support system every step of the way.

You deserve to feel great about your appearance. Call Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic in Oakville and Mississauga to schedule your consultation and learn more about our weight loss programs.

About Nutrigenomix

  • Comprehensive genetic test consisting of 45 genetic markers.
  • Developed by world-renowned researchers.
  • Genetic tests are based on the most robust scientific evidence.
  • DNA is analyzed using a simple saliva sample.
  • Personalized recommendations developed based on your unique genetic profile.
  • Contact your healthcare provider to get started and eat according to your genes!

Unleash Your Genetic Potential

  • Eat Smarter
  • Train Harder
  • Recover Faster



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