Metabolic Balance Program

At Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic, our Metabolic Balance Program is the individual most innovative and successful program for anyone with metabolic syndrome. This includes over and underweight people and those suffering from high cholesterol, food allergies, diabetics, etc.

METABOLIC BALANCE PROGRAM is the Nutritional Concept for weight loss and improving health! Metabolic Balance is an integrated nutritional approach that is based on intensive support alongside an individual nutrition plan, available at our metabolic clinic in Oakville.

The clear and simply constructed plan will show:

  • Which foods should be eaten and which should be avoided
  • In what quantities foods should be eaten
  • In which combination foods should be eaten
  • When and how these foods should be eaten

Each plan is unique and exists only once. This is because of the way the plans are created using:

  • Over 30 blood values
  • Medical history
  • Personal measurements
  • Personal details of the client food preferences

With this information, Metabolic Balance can provide a plan that is tailored to the exact needs of the client who suffers from health issues such as:

  • IBS
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • And more

Nutrition for improved mental health



Everybody has the capacity to produce all the hormones and enzymes necessary for a healthy metabolism. However, to support this process, we need to supply the body with adequate nutrients — which are obtained from food.

Our body can develop an appetite for foods containing the nutrients it needs. However, instead of listening to internal messages, most people select foods based on external stimuli.

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Metabolic Balance offers a great opportunity to a growing number of people who are already following a restricted diet. It also provides aid for those who simply value their health because, despite the claims that it will help you to lose excess weight, it is not a diet. It is, in fact, a hormone and metabolism re-balancing program that aims to reset your body’s current metabolic functions.

In a nutshell, it helps you use energy and burn fat at your body’s optimum level. It is a lifestyle changer for better health and wellness.

We also offer complementary therapies, such as our hair analysis in Mississauga, that can help to identify potential health concerns. If you frequently battle with bloating and sluggishness, we might also suggest making use of our leaky gut treatment near you.

Understanding the role of the metabolism

The role of the metabolism is often undervalued by most people, as our society has come to understand that it is a fundamental element in weight management. This is only one of the ways in which the metabolism serves the body.

However, the metabolism isn’t so much a single function as it is the result of several functions, all working together. It is a complicated system with many moving elements and when one is out of sync, it can disrupt every element within the body.

The metabolic rate refers to the efficiency of our body is turning food into energy by breaking down nutritional components such as lipids, proteins, sugar (carbohydrates) and phytochemicals. This ensures the body has energy, where it can then maintain a healthy weight, sleep well and ensure the body’s core temperature is regulated adequately.

Cellular respiration is another term used to refer to the metabolic functions of the body. The interstitial fluid that sits between the cells of the body should be able to move into the cells, carrying oxygen and nutrients. A cell’s ability to metabolize these constituents is referred to as its metabolism.

If you need a metabolic reset, visit our metabolic clinic in Oakville. We can assess your body’s needs and give you a full reset, ensuring that your metabolic functions come back into sync with one another This can give you more energy, relieve depressive symptoms and make it easier to achieve and maintain your goal weight.


How your modern lifestyle might be impacting your body’s metabolic functions

The body’s ability to metabolize nutrition efficiently is affected by many factors, both internal and external. Understanding how your modern lifestyle might impact your metabolic functions may seem overwhelming, as there are so many small habits, products that we use and foods that we eat that can cause an imbalance in your body’s metabolism.

Some of the everyday products that impact your metabolism do so indirectly, through the hormonal functions of the body — the endocrine system.

The endocrine system and the metabolism are linked through the thyroid, which secretes the hormone responsible for regulating the metabolism. If the endocrine system is disrupted, it can cause the thyroid to battle to perform its duties and thus lead to a metabolic imbalance. In females, endocrine disruptors can have devastating effects, leading to weight gain, depression, premenstrual syndrome, anxieties and even insomnia.

Some of the everyday habits and products that can contribute to this include:

  • Hormonal changes (pregnancy, puberty, menopause)
  • Introducing external hormones into the body (such as hormones found in dairy products, meat and medications such as the birth control pill)
  • Certain chemicals such as phthalates, Bisphenol S (BPS) and xenoestrogens

What to expect from a Metabolic Balance® treatment

Our metabolic clinic in Mississauga is a healing haven. You can expect to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil consultation, with a qualified professional that is dedicated to finding the best treatment protocols for your body.

Has weight loss and weight management caused you frustration? Has it become a painful topic that leaves you feeling hopeless and despondent? At Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic, we understand that when it comes to weight loss, everybody is different and that what works for one person may not be effective for another. That’s why we offer custom weight loss programs at our weight loss clinic in Oakville, Mississauga and Downtown Toronto.

For some people, the combination of diet and exercise can work wonders when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds. However, for others, weight loss is not that simple and these people struggle to lose weight despite their best efforts to lead healthy lifestyles.

Conventional weight loss programs are designed for immediate and dramatic results, but no one can maintain a lifestyle of deprivation. That is where our weight loss clinic in Oakville is different.

Understanding the metabolism

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The metabolism is the key to weight loss and weight maintenance. It decides how quickly we gain weight and how easily we maintain our goal weight.

One of the key strategies to effective weight loss is finding a way to reduce your calorie intake per day without alerting the body to slow down the metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate refers to how effectively your body turns food into energy. If your body turns food into energy effectively, you won’t feel tired and you’ll maintain a healthy weight.

A sluggish metabolism — with low energy and weight gain — indicates that the body wants to hold onto its calories. This could be the after-effects of years of yo-yo dieting or leaving the body uncertain of whether or not it will have adequate energy.

Most weight loss strategies involve severely reducing the amount of energy you consume by cutting your calories. While this will give you drastic results, it’s not sustainable in the long run. We have had a great deal of weight loss clients arrive at our practice feeling hopeless and in despair, having tried a number of different diets, eating plans and exercise routines without long-lasting results.

We believe each person’s metabolism is different. That’s why some eating plans work for some, but not for others. Exercise has a profound effect on some people’s figures, but not for others. It’s not only about your DNA and genes, although that plays an important role. It’s also about your history and how you’ve treated your body in the past.

What can we offer at our weight loss clinic? Where the body has been subjected to abuse (meaning deprivation or overnutrition) in the past, it may have altered the way it responds to normal amounts of food — leading to unnatural weight gain. In order to repair the metabolism and regain control of your figure, this has to happen in two methods:

1. You must find a middle ground — a diet and a lifestyle plan that will assure your body that it will enjoy regular nourishment
2. You must heal the relationship you have had with your body in the past.

Does this sound overwhelming? Our weight loss programs in Mississauga are designed to provide you with the right long term solutions for weight loss. Slow and steady results that last a lifetime.

A weight loss program designed for your body goals

What does your body need to regain its balance and start using the food you give it to provide you with great energy? How can you find a middle ground between finding joy in eating and still achieve a healthy body weight?

Sometimes, it requires a professional to take over and give you the right guidance. Our clinic is based in Oakville and Mississauga, making weight loss programs near you readily available.

We don’t simply focus on burning fat by changing the way you eat. We want to work with your entire body and mind, to create a happy lifestyle that fosters a positive relationship with food and nutrition.

First, we ensure that the foods you eat nourish your body. A great deal of the foods out there will fill you up, without nourishing the cells and the immune functions in your body that fuel you. This can lead to ongoing hunger, a lack of satisfaction and cravings — even if you have eaten enough. Your body is crying out for nourishment, not empty calories.

When you meet your body’s nutritional needs, you feel satisfied, energized and full of vitality. This can often happen, despite reducing calories and bringing about weight loss. This is contrary to most people’s experience, but most diets only strive to reduce your calories without increasing your nutrition.

Unlocking your body’s secrets

Through DNA analysis and nutritional testing to uncover your body’s deficiencies and imbalances, we can discover your body’s true needs. When your body’s needs are met, each function can perform as it should.

Our job is to provide you with cutting-edge weight loss programs near you that work with your body and give you long term results. We want to help you restore your lust for life, improve your energy levels and help you achieve the figure you’ve always wanted.

Our programs are designed to fit in with your lifestyle. We don’t do painful weight loss programs. We don’t do deprivation. We don’t do hunger pangs, cravings, or strange teas and potions. We do real results, improved energy and healthy meals that satisfy you.

Advanced Genomic Fit Plan

Have You Ever Wondered?

  • Why you don’t lose weight despite eating a low-fat, low-calorie diet and exercising?

  • Why you crave certain foods, have emotional eating, or don’t feel full after a large meal?

  • Why certain nutrition or fitness programs worked for someone else but not for you?

  • If the vitamins or supplements you buy and consume are the right ones for you?

  • If your body would respond better to strength and/or cardiovascular exercises?

  • How to decrease your performance margins and achieve a greater competitive edge?

  • How to better manage injury, stress, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and more?

  • And what about those individuals who lack the ability to effectively metabolize too many monounsaturated fats (MUFAs)?

If they aren’t aware of this genetic predisposition, they may end up gaining or maintaining stubborn weight and feel completely defeated by their efforts and “healthy” lifestyle choices.

In the past year there has been a growing surge in nutrigenomic eating – the idea that you have specific reactions to certain foods and eating habits which can be illuminated through analyzing your unique DNA.


Everybody is different. What works for others might not work for you!

Some individuals try to lose weight by eating a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, but that approach may not suit them well long-term if they are biologically predisposed to needing more healthy carbohydrates. The same goes for individuals who try low-fat diets but are genetically sensitive to the amount of sugar they consume rather than the amount of fat.

When we understand that our success is directly linked to factors associated with our specific DNA, we can purposefully redirect our energy to change the results we achieve.

Whether you are an elite athlete, desire to maintain your current weight and fitness level, or are looking to drop unwanted pounds and improve exercise and/or activity levels, our Premium Health & Wellness Genetic Profile report will quickly become a valuable, go-to resource throughout your journey. But it won’t do anything for you unless you know how to read and use it!

Advanced Genomic Fit Plan

By taking advantage of our ADVANCE GENOMIC FIT PLAN you are making a first step in achieving your goal of becoming a healthier version of yourself!

Our mission is to help you unlock these secrets and increase your personal success. When you begin to understand your unique personal biology and are empowered to use what you learn to make smarter lifestyle choices, both your health AND your happiness will improve in very short time.