Women’s Shred

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Boss Girls Body Shred Program

Women’s 12 Week Workout & Nutrition Plan

A complete program for just 59.99!

Let’s face it, strong is the new skinny, muscle is the new sexy, hitting the gym is the new going out but boss will always be boss.

Women are powerful beings, with visions and ideas of their own and well equipped with the tenacity and drive to move towards their ultimate self.

Get the 12 Week Women’s Shred Program now

I’m not losing weight, I’m getting rid
of it. I have no intention of finding it

The aim of this program is much wider than just teaching you
how to burn fat, it aims to arm you with enough new
knowledge, skills and experience that you are then able to
share knowledge and help other people too.


Be A Boss

You Will Learn To Master:

– Your metabolism and how much energy your body naturally burns

– How YOUR body works

– Most importantly, you will learn to make positive changes to your life by pursuing a more fit and active lifestyle


Mindset, Motivation & Self-Belief

Improve yourself

This Boss Girls Body Shred plan teaches you how to burn away body fat. The reasons for wanting to burn fat could be many and this plan is suitable for them all. Whether you with to lose weight to become healthier, or just to tone up and reveal your abs, the core principles to achieving either are the same are revealed here

Become Boss Now – Get The Complete 12 week program

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